Giving Prefabricated Homes a Style Upgrade

Did you buy a manufactured home to save some money, but now struggle to make it look as homey and attractive as you would like it to be? A few simple tricks executed well in one of these prefabricated homes can make it appear more traditional and make you feel more at home. Manufactured housing comes in many sizes, styles, and levels of quality. Some of the lower priced models may leave a little bit to be desired as far as their finishes and attractiveness go. Let’s explore a few simple ways to upgrade the look and style of prefabricated homes.

First, and perhaps most noticeable are the walls. Prefab walls are typically made of a thinner-than-sheetrock gypsum filled fiber board. These boards are generally finished by placing a narrow strip of screen molding over the joint and painting the same color as the walls, or worse – the wall panels and the molding are most often covered in some type of old-style floral wallpaper. This is not very aesthetically pleasing, but is easy to fix. Remove the screen molding. Mud and tape the joints as in a traditional home. This may take a couple coats of mud to cover well. This works best on a non-textured wall. If you have the typical orange peel textured walls, you may need to match the texture before painting. Prepare for painting by coating the wallpaper with a good brand of primer, and a good quality paint in the color of your choice. Once this job is completed you will be surprised how much better your home looks. This also makes hanging pictures and shelves much easier and makes it possible to place them where you want them.

Prefabricated homes generally come with the least expensive contractor-grade hardware on the cabinetry throughout the house, and the lowest priced lighting fixtures. Both of these things make a surprising style statement, and are an easy upgrade. You can find bulk packages of knobs at an affordable price at home improvement centers, in updated styles, or you may find a good deal online. Knobs are easy to replace and, as the jewelry of the house, they can change the whole feel of a kitchen or bathroom. The key to making the overall look of your home cohesive and stylish, is to dress it in matching finishes. Avoid using mixed metal such as a chrome light fixture, brass cabinet knobs, and oil-rubbed bronze doorknobs. Make sure to choose one finish and stick with it throughout the house This will help you avoid the “trailer trash” style that is commonly associated with older manufactured housing.

Even in prefabricated homes, with newly finished, unbroken wall spans, and unified cabinet knobs. Lighting, and doorknobs, you will feel like your home was just transformed into a stylish home you can be proud of and you will feel it was money well spent.