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What kind of wood do we use?

We use local hard woods known for their strength and durability, such as Merbau, Bangkirai.

Has the timber been dried before construction?

All wood with a thickness of less than 7cm has been kiln dried to prevent warping and splitting. For timber with a thickness of more the 7cm, we typically air dry the wood, but for certain application will also kiln dry as needed.

Are the woods Anti-Termite?

Absolutely yes. These types of woods have been chosen for their natural anti-termite properties.

How long will this house last?

The structures should last up to 40 – 50 years, depending on the maintenance and location.

How about maintenance?

The maintenance depends on which temperal zone the structure is located. As a general guideline, we recommend using a standard wood treatment or similar every two to three years.

How long will it take to make the house?

Depending on the design and size, standard homes with floor plan of 150m2 usually take 90 days to complete and ready for shipping.

How to assemble?

Our package includes a manual and DVD video showing the procedures for assembly. Also, the various portion of the home are coded to help with construction. Our staff will also send pictures via email in the production of your home through the different phases.

Can it be moved and rebuilt?

Absolutely yes, because the house is using knock-down system.

Is the house Earthquake proof?

Yes, Wood houses have shown to be less prown to damage than other types of construction due to their flexible properties. How you position your Bali PREFAB home on a foundation will impact its durability during a possible earthquake.

Can I give a design to Bali Prefab for price calculation?

Yes, just send us your design by email. Minimum requirements for costing: the design plan, section, and elevations with materials you wish to use. Upon receiving your complete detailed plans, we’ll be happy to calculate a price for you.

If I don't have an idea for the design, can you help me?

Yes, we’ll help you with the concept, conceptual drawing and architectural layout. Down Payments are usually required for this process.

Can I build a PREFAB structure in my country?

First, you have to check local building codes in your area and how they pertain to prefab structures. Second, You might ask for the assistance of a local contractor, they are usually very experienced with building codes and also can help with the assembly of your prefab structure? We can also send a representative from our company to help with the prefab project in your country.
For gazebos, typically, you and a friend can easily assembly one in a few afternoons and most countries do not require building permits for small outdoor structures.