Benefits of Prefabricated Home Packages or Prefabs

If you’re in the market to build a home, you should consider buying a prefabricated home package. Although “prefabs” were not always popular, today’s models and options have a lot to offer.

What are Prefabricated Home Packages?

Prefabricated home packages or “prefabs” are simply a different method of building a home. Traditional homes are built one piece of lumbar at a time by workmen on site. The construction of traditional houses can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. During that time, the skeleton of the house is exposed to the elements.

Prefabricated homes are built assembly line style in a factory. They are constructed in large pieces, and then assembled on site kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. The home is put together on top of a pre-existing foundation and ready to move in almost immediately.

The Benefits of “Prefabs”

For some homebuyers, prefabs make a lot of sense. The construction of a prefab home is fast. Since the construction of prefabs is automated they take less time to build. You could be living in your new home within two months of your order time.

Prefabricated homes can also save you money. There is an estimated 5 to 25 percent cost reduction from traditional home buying methods. The controlled factory environment means that costs for the builders are fixed. They don’t have to factor in weather, vandalism or other delays in production. They can also buy high quality supplies at discounts and pass the savings on to you.

Prefabs are stronger than traditional homes. They are built to withstand the moving process, so they can also weather violent storms and other natural disasters better than traditional homes. If you live in an area that sees a lot of hurricanes or tornadoes, a prefab may be a smart choice.

Buying a Prefab Home

If you decide that prefab is the right choice for you, you’ll need to choose a manufacturer. Most are located on the East coast, but they will ship your home to your state. You’ll also need to find a local builder who will accept delivery of the home and construct it for you.

Once you’ve selected your manufacturer and builder, you’ll need to choose your floor plan. Most manufacturers have a specific set of floor plans for you to choose from. There are custom options available as well. When you choose your floor plan, construction will begin on your new home. After it is built, it will be shipped to your located and assembled. The whole process can take less than two months, depending on your custom features and shipping times.